I Tri…

I love trying new things and since I need to lose a few (ahem, 40) extra pounds I’ve been looking for new ways to exercise. Something that I have been considering for a couple of years is completing a triathlon.

Now, I am the complete opposite of an athlete. I have never participated in any physical competition, EVER! I mean, in high school, I was the manager of the sports team, not the player. Besides not being an athlete, I’m not really the ‘push myself’ kind of person. I am more like a ‘good enough’ person. For example, I will occasionally take an exercise class at the gym. I am all gung ho to begin, but when I get tired, I’m that person who leaves even if class is still going on (I apologize now if you are the kind of person who hates that). If I do stay, I’m perfectly fine with taking a long break. When the instructor says, ‘give me 50 crunches’, I’m the one who just lies there after doing 35. The way I see it, it’s 35 more than I would have done if I had just stayed home, so I’m good!! So as you can see, I’m sort of like the last person in the world who should be seriously considering a triathlon. Oh, I left out one other detail…. I don’t swim.

Notwithstanding all of the perfectly good reasons for me NOT to do a triathlon, I decided to do it anyway. 8 months before the event, I recruited more than a dozen women to do it with me. We were all excited, we were all determined, we were all committed until…..we all weren’t. Some people dropped out early. They got busy, they got scared; one woman went into hiding after committing a crime (a completely different story). By the time the triathlon was two weeks away, I wasn’t sure that I was still going to do it. I had completely fallen off my training schedule and without my crew I had no motivation.

A last-minute conversation with a friend convinced me to go ahead and participate and in my next post I’ll tell you how that event had such a profound impact on me and dramatically changed my perspective.

Until next time….Be Brilliant!!!


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