The Trip in A Nutshell

I stood by for three flights and finally made it on the fourth one. My consolation? I was in First Class.

First Class

I got to the hotel, just in time to shower and dress for the rehearsal dinner, which was wonderful. But after the day I had, what I wanted most was sleep. I was so happy to get in the bed….

My bedDo you see that? That is my bed. MY bed. No fidgety, sprawling babies in it. No preschoolers peeing in it. No snoring hubby in it. MY BED! WoooHoooo!!!!

I must say, my hotel room and my bed were almost the highlight of my trip. Well, yeah, they were the highlight. I mean, the wedding was incredible, but if I had to choose between the wedding festivities and my bed, I would have just looked for the wedding photos on Facebook.

I feel a little bit weird posting pictures of the wedding ceremony on the web for the world to see, but I want to share the experience with you. So I decided to post this one pic which is a bit of a group shot, but I think captures the atmosphere of the entire weekend.

Jahi's Wedding 027

We had a blast.

The trip home was a repeat of the trip there. Stood by for several flights, finally getting on the last flight of the night. My laptop battery was dead and there wasn’t an outlet to be found. I was so bored, I had an idea for a photo collection.

Jahi's Wedding 220Jahi's Wedding 219

I call it, “Feet in the Airport.”

Finally, I was able to board a flight for home. Again, first class, but at this point, who cares?

I had a great weekend away, back to reality!


3 thoughts on “The Trip in A Nutshell

  1. Haha.

    What I wouldn’t give for one weekend by myself in a hotel room.

    Big fluffy bed, room service, choc. covered strawberries and some bubbly….mmmmm.


    One can dream.

    P.S I used to take feet pictures when on trips with a old best friend. (Our own pics…at the beach, the volcano, on the plane.) My ex hated them. Probably why I dumped his butt.

  2. Oh, a bed to yourself with no kids! That sounds just dreamy.

    The wedding looked great! Colourful, joyous, filled with love! Fantastic!

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