They Should Have Just Bought Her Some Chicken Cutlets

O.kay. So, I had something completely different planned for today’s post and then, as I’m making my cyber-rounds before I start blogging, I come across this story:

Miss California to Protect Traditional Marriage;

Pageant Paid for Her Breast Implants

Wha- huh? Excuse me? Ok, this is just sad. I read further and find this quote from Keith Lewis, co-director of the Miss California pageant.

LEWIS: Well, you know, first off, it’s not something that we endorse, nor is it something that we suggest. But when we meet with the titleholder when she’s crowned Miss California, we put to her a litany of questions about how she feels about herself, what she feels she needs to work on, what she may need to change, what is good, what is not good. We want to put her in the best possible confidence in order to present herself in the best possible light on a national stage.

Listen,this is not about Miss California’s answer during the Miss USA pageant. This is about the fact that a woman who has just won a beauty pageant feels that she needs breast implants in order to be in her best confidence and to present herself in the best possible light. I mean, really….what does that say about our society when false perfection (think airbrushing, plastic surgery, etc.) is considered the epitome of beauty? What kind of a standard is that for us and even worse, what kind of standard is that for our daughters?

I’m not going to go on and on. But tell me…what do you think?

Read the entire article here or here with video.


3 thoughts on “They Should Have Just Bought Her Some Chicken Cutlets

  1. I knew it! I said she had implants (you could see the perfect round shape)and it is not allowed. For once I am right.

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