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Future Mama has a fascinating conversation going on over at her blog. It all started when she visited MommyBee (whose blog I will be stopping by from now on) and heard the term ‘crunchy’. Future Mama started thinking to herself, “Will I be a crunchy mom?”  All of her readers left great comments about where they are on the spectrum of crunchiness (from crunchy to chewy to soggy to completely liquefied). It was a great conversation where people shared information without judging each other. It got me to thinking? What kind of mom am I?

I am a chewy mom all the way. I would love to be more crunchy, but my lifestyle (and mindset) doesn’t really permit it. Let’s explore the different aspects of ‘crunchiness’.
Birth – I wanted to have a natural birth both times. I came closest with Jade. I labored without drugs until I was 8cm and then I just didn’t think I had it in me to continue. I wish I had better support because I’m sure I could have done it if I had the right encouragement.  With O, I wanted to try again for natural birth. I labored at home until the contractions were two minutes apart for 90 minutes. Then we drove the thirty miles to my hospital. Can you imagine my dismay when I arrived at the hospital and found out that I was only 4cm dilated!!!! I thought for sure that I was ready to push. Epidural, please….now!

Breastfeeding – I nursed Jade until she was 11 months. She bit me one night and I didn’t offer the breast again. She didn’t ask for it anymore, so there you have it. O, is still going strong, three times (or more) per day at 15 months. *sigh*. I will probably let him go until this summer unless he weans himself first.

Co-Sleeping – Jade was in her bed at 4 months and sleeping through the night. 6 nights of crying it out and not one more peep between the hours of 8pm and 6am from her. O on the other hand slept in our bed until he was a year and still gets in our bed after his midnight feedings most nights. Naps in his crib, though.

Diapers – Disposable. With O, I did explore Natural Infant Hygiene and I LOVED it. However, it only worked during those first few weeks when we stayed really close to home. Once we were started getting out of the house and running a bunch of errands it was really, really, REALLY difficult to maintain. I remember one day holding O outside of the car in a mostly deserted parking lot saying, “Ssssss. Pee-pee. Pee-pee. Sssssss.”  Yeah….not fun. Had to let that go.

Food – I followed the Super Baby Food book almost to the letter for Jade. I did supplement my efforts with Earth’s Best (before it was purchased by Heinz…ugh). I used it as more of a guideline with O and supplemented with Happy Baby.

Vaccines – With Jade, I was hesitant, but not informed enough to make a decision. I shared my thoughts with my Ped, but allowed her to convince me. I followed the schedule with the sole exception being the MMR and the chicken pox vaccine. With O, I did my research and put my foot down. He only received the vaccines that I wanted him to have.

Let’s see…..I don’t recycle, I plan to homeschool, I shop at consignment stores/sales AND at online (gap, children’s place, etc), I don’t have a garden and sometimes I eat at Chick Fil A.

See, I’m totally chewy. How about you?


8 thoughts on “Chewy Mom

  1. “Chewy”–I love it! I just last night wrote a blog post about being a “Green Kelly” (that’s what I call someone who makes more eco-friendly choices, but also appreciates the preppy/traditional aesthetic). I think being chewy (or “kelly green”)is great, because you get to pick and choose the “best” of both worlds. In my opinion, every little bit helps, so the more people who know to feed their babies organic food (even if they’re still in disposable diapers), the better!

  2. I reckon I was/am chewy, too. I try to make ecologically friendly choices when it’s feasible, but there are times when the trade off required to make the extra effort doesn’t really seem worth it.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  3. I think i’m chewy, too! My choices dove-tailed almost exactly with yours above. Maybe that’s why I like you!

  4. Hmmm? I thought maybe you would have been a crunchy because it seems like you make a lot of natural or “green” choices. Natural Infant Hygiene? That has to be a serious effort. Maybe then, I’m soggy. I don’t know what the even means. But I recycle all the time, but I don’t really buy organic and I never thought about using diapers that weren’t disposable. The breastfeeding thing, I am there with you. My third I finally weaned him around 15 months, but he was not too happy about it.

  5. I land somewhere between crunchy and chewy because there are some typically ‘crunchy’ things that I’m just not down with. I sew my own cloth diapers, make my own mostly organic baby food, recycle, and I refuse to drive, but half of that is more because I’m crafty and less because I’m crunchy. 😛

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