The Age of Innocence Ends at Four

Things I have already had to explain to Jade:

  1. Why one of her preschool classmates has two mommies.
  2. Why my mom is not my older brother’s mom and why I don’t know his mom’s name.
  3. Why the same brother lives in North Carolina and his kids live in New York.
  4. What a ‘Single Lady‘ is.
  5. Why it is important to wash your hands. Yes, I showed her the video! Don’t judge me!!!
  6. Why we put dead people in the ground; and why we leave them there all by themselves.
  7. That daddy works to make money and we use that money to buy the things we need.
  8. That everybody is going to die and we don’t know when or how.
  9. The meaning of the word ‘consequences’.
  10. The meaning of the word “infuriating”.

What have you already had to teach your kids?


5 thoughts on “The Age of Innocence Ends at Four

  1. Your list made me laugh, and made me sad at the same time. Little minds are so remarkable for all they observe and understand. If only we could hold their innocence, wrap it tightly in our arms and never let them grow up.

    My FAVORITE lesson was one my husband got to teach our oldest son. They were driving in the car when 3 year old Andrew said, “Dad? Is magic real?”

    Hubby replied, “No, son. Magic isn’t real. It just tricks your eye and your mind into thinking it looks real. But, it’s not real.”

    A moment of silence, and then…

    “Dad? Is Santa claus magic?”

    Heartily, hubby responds, “He is! Oh, boy is he MA-GIQUE! He comes up the chimney, down the chimney, magic bag, magic suit…”

    Then, from our three year old son…

    “Dad? If magic isn’t real, and Santa Claus is magic, then Santa Claus isn’t real, right?”

    Oh. Yeah. Right.

    (Needless to say, it wasn’t long before we just gave it up and enlisted him as one of Santa’s helpers. Little whippersnapper)

  2. 1. Why my mother is not married to my father, but has another husband
    2. What drugs are
    3. Why that dog was humping the other one

  3. I had to explain that BabyWheel had to move out of the way for a blind woman and that her stick was like her “eyes”
    Basically, everything has a WHY attached to it…..and I take the time to answer each one of them. 🙂

    At 2, no sex or single ladies yet, but I know it’s coming 🙂

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