I was exhausted this morning and of course, my kids were up bright and early as usual. My hubby was up with them, so I took the opportunity to turn over and catch some more Z’s.

Well, I was slowly awakened from my early morning nap by the sounds of Jade singing (totally made up tune):

How can I get breakfast? Maybe I should ask…breakfast, please! no, no, no….that didn’t work!

Maybe I should clap. Clap, clap, clapclapclap. no, no, no….that didn’t work!

Maybe I should stomp. Stomp, stomp stomp. no, no, no….that didn’t work.

Maybe I should stomp louder. STOMP.STOMP.STOMP. no, no, no ….that didn’t work.

Unbeknownst to me, the hubs had gotten back in the bed and was sleeping as well. Jade was standing on his side of the bed singing to the back of his head. After her last verse failed to elicit a response, she decided to come over to my side of the bed. She began singing her song again and I said, “Jade, honey, please don’t bother mommy. I am very sleepy.”

Her response, “Well Mommy, I’m sorry, but I am very hungry.”

You’ve got to hand it to her, the girl is quick. LOL!!!!!


7 thoughts on “Breakfast

  1. Ha, cute song…sounds like my 4 year old. Just saying hi to a fellow Welcomista! Hope you got some sleep and are well rested now. I had a late night, went to bed at 4am, ugh!

    Jamie 🙂

  2. Never get in between a child and their morning meal…at least that is the cardinal rule in our house!

    Love that your daughter was not about to be deterred. Yeah, she rocks.


  3. I think your daughter’s breakfast song totally beat the pants off my hubby being stuck in the slide! LOL! Too funny!

    Thanks for welcoming me to SITS!

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