Praise Report! Praise Report! Uh, NOT!!!

This is the first post in my new feature, What Would You Do.

So, let me just say that me and the hubs absolutely believe in miracles. In fact, we experience a miracle every day since we haven’t had any income since October, but I digress. We believe in miracles. So at the outset, this didn’t seem so weird.
The hubs gets a call from one of his best friends from childhood. This friend has been going through a lot lately…got a demotion on the job, problems with the wife, finances…the whole gamut. It’s been a rough time for him. The hubs has been trying to keep him encouraged and provide a listening ear. Well, the friend calls up the hubs at work and tells him this story:

Friend: Brother, I just had to call you up and testify. Had to let you know how good God is.
Hubs: What’s going on?
Friend: You know everything that’s been going on with me and my family…well God is still performing miracles today!
Hubs: *interest piqued, getting excited for his friend, anxious to hear what happened* Well, tell me what happened!
Friend: Last week I got a small bonus at work….$300. I prayed about it and God led me to give the entire bonus as an offering at church on Sunday.
Hubs: *small gasp* The whole thing?
Friend: Well, GOD IS SOOOOO GOOOD!! Hallelujah!!! *voice rising like a baptist preacher, full of emotion* Because today I received word that I was selected to receive a grant in the amount of THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS!!!!! *voice cracks, starts to cry a little bit*
Hubs: What! Man, that’s great news!!! WOW!!! That’s awesome!!! What kind of grant is it? I didn’t know you had applied for a grant.
Friend: I didn’t apply!!! That’s the miracle…it just came to me out of nowhere! THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS!!! *starts speaking in tongues*
Hubs: *a little confused* What do you mean it just came to you out of nowhere?
Friend: *still speaking in tongues*
Hubs: Dude!!! What do you mean it came to you out of nowhere? What do you have to use the money for?
Friend: I can use it for anything! I am sitting here with a check in my hand, made out to me for 35k and a letter that says I was selected to receive this grant. All I have to do is deposit the check and send these people back a $1000 processing fee and I get to keep the rest. This is going to change my life. How much do you think it costs to mail a check to Nigeria?
Hubs:*holds head in hands*

Okay, so what would you do? You talking to a friend who absolutely believes that God has blessed him with a check and you know it is a scam. Do you tell him your suspicions? Do you pray that it is legit even though you know in your gut that it isn’t? What would you do?

Just in case anyone out there is wondering what the problem is, please click here, here and here for information about advance-fee scams.

The Hubs told his friend that it was a fraudulent check. His friend insisted it was legitimate. The Hubs asked his friend to please, just ask the banker before depositing. The friend agreed and later called, completely deflated, to tell my husband that it was indeed a fraudulent check. The Hubs felt terrible, but relieved.


7 thoughts on “Praise Report! Praise Report! Uh, NOT!!!

  1. Oh, no?!!!! Really? I just got an e-mail like that and wondered if anyone fell for it. 😦
    Can you forward him Snopes? How terrible!

  2. Oh, I’m so sorry that happened to him. That is terrible! Yes, your Hubs has to *gently* tell him that it is a scam. BUT, that of course God will provide…he always does (in legitimate ways).

  3. Wow I just read this story… you’re poor friend. Your husband should definately tell him. and like Divagirl said if he is prayerful, God will give the words to your husband and provide the right way to approach it. We have had no income too for just over a month since my husband was laid off. Our miracle right now has been learning to live with less.

  4. I would have done the same thing. I think the really blessing here is that your husband was there to tell him the truth before he got trapped in a scam.

    Stopping over from SITS!

  5. Thank GOD for your Hubs’ intervention! One day people will realize that GOD honors hard, honest work….not money falling from the sky 🙂

  6. Oh, Good grief! I am so aware of truth, I always know when someone is trying to pull a fast one, but my husband is like your poor friend, I’m afraid…

    Hey, I finally updated the blogroll. Just. Now. You’re there!

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