Mystery Playdate

Have you ever sent out a mass text message, like at Christmas or Mother’s Day and received a message back that read something to the effect, “Thank you. Who is this?” It’s not a big deal, but it’s kind of a downer, right? There are all sorts of reasons that someone might not have your number in their phone, like new phone or new memory card or whatever…but it still kind of sucks.

Well, late last night I received a text message from a number that I didn’t have in my address book that read, “Let’s take the kids to Monkey Joe’s tomorrow.”  Whoa!! That’s huge. A friend whose name and number I don’t even have in my phone who feels comfortable enough to send me a last minute ‘hang-out’ message? Wow! Knowing how much of a downer it can be to receive the dreaded ‘who is this?’ text, I replied “sure. what time?”

I know, I know….it was crazy. You remember, before the days of texting when someone you didn’t know would call, you would play along for a little while until you recognized the voice? Well, that’s what I was trying to do…just didn’t realize how difficult it would be to do that via text message. My mystery friend suggested 10:30am. I countered with free passes to the local childrens’ museum. She thought about this for a while, texting ‘hmmmmm.’ I waited with bated breath for the next clue. She then suggested we do Monkey Joe’s this week and try the childrens’ museum next week. Whoa!!! Another development. This person is comfortable enough in our friendship to suggest two hangouts in one month. And I don’t even have the number saved in my phone? Wow!

We finally decided to go in the afternoon. The next morning I was filled with anticipation. I was having a mystery playdate. I was going to show up at Monkey Joe’s and I had absolutely no idea who would be there waiting for me, how fun! ( I know it sounds like I really need a life, but I’m just weird like that). The hubs tried to discourage me:

Hubs: “How do you know this is a friend?”

Me: “What….do you think this is some kind of set-up? Someone I don’t like is inviting me on a play date to make me miserable?

Hubs: “No, no, no…I’m not saying that. But what if it is just someone who has the wrong number?”

I thought about that for a while, but decided to ignore him, as it is his nature to be a downer. I had a great day yesterday. I was up early and was in control of my day. I got  Onyx down for his nap, timing it perfectly so that he would wake up just in time to eat lunch before we headed out. Then,  the unthinkable happened. The power went out. We had rolling thunderstorms yesterday and during one, my neighborhood lost power for several hours. It was almost  time for me to head for Monkey Joe’s!! No power means no garage door opener, means no mystery play date. AAGH! I was miffed, but a little excited as I was still going to find out who the mystery friend was.  I sent a text, “YIKES. Power’s out…I can’t make it to MJs. Call me.”

Of course, once the mystery friend called I recognized her voice. We made plans to hook up the following week. But the anticipation was soo much fun. My husband said I am the only person in the world who would be in this situation. Any normal person would have simply asked, “Who is this?”

So tell me…am I that abnormal?


12 thoughts on “Mystery Playdate

  1. LOL The “who si this?” situation has happened to me several times but in my case it is pretty justified since last month I was robbed and they took my mobile with all my numbers on it. And stupid me, most of them I had still not gotten to jut them down in a notebook. I think it was really fun what you did to play along, and much better than asking who the person was, don’t think you are that mad at all 🙂

  2. That is SO funny. I’ve done this a few times! I don’t have many people saved in my phone and am NO good at remembering numbers! If you aren’t an immediate family member, I’ll be texting WHO IS THIS!?


  3. HaHA! I love it! I have received several texts from random people that I’m pretty sure are wrong numbers. One said, “So I hear you want to beat Kaitlyn up.” Umm, what?!?!? Then I got a picture message that said, “You Suck!” well, since I don’t know anyone who would do this, and I didn’t recognize the number, I’m guessing it was a wrong number!

  4. Wow you have guts! lol I think that is a really fun way to live. I am too chicken. I would’ve sent the “Who is this?” message…

  5. Hey! I found you through

    I would HATE being in this situation. I wouldn’t even know what to do if I was. Thank goodness you found out who it was!

  6. That is classic! No–you are not alone in this. I don’t text, but I’ve certainly had the experience on the phone.

  7. You know you have given me an idea.. you know how many times this has happened to me? And I always text “who is this?” Well, not anymore! haha..

    {found you through}

  8. This is too funny! Same happened to us at Xmas, received xmas wishes from a family(?), don’t know who they are but I send xmas wishes back! Coming from MomDot.

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