Oprah, I’m right there with you, girl!

This morning as I was checking the news, I came across this story about Oprah. She discusses how disappointed she is with herself that she fell off the healthy weight wagon. Oprah, I’m right there with you!

A little history….I have struggled with my weight for the past ten years. I am about 5’3, so an ideal weight for me is between 123-128 lbs. In college, my weight crept up to 143 and I used diet and exercise to lose 25 pounds. I maintained a healthy weight for about 3 years; then I got married. I gained almost 15 pounds during my first year of marriage! I was just about to start a diet when I found out that I was pregnant with Jade. Now during my pregnancy, I was diagnosed with a condition called hyperemesis. Hyperemesis is basically morning sickness to the nth degree. I was so sick that I lost about 25 lbs. over the first six months of my pregnancy. Factor in exclusive breastfeeding and by the time Jade was six weeks, I was a very thin 122 pounds.

How then did I manage to gain thirty-five pounds over the next twenty-nine months? Well, I chalk it all up to the power of the White Lady…sugar. I am addicted. So I became a SAHM. I cooked and cleaned and snacked. I took Jade to the Zoo and the Children’s Museum and snacked. I went to parks and playgrounds and snacked. And I gained 35 pounds. My favorites? Welch’s Fruit snacks, lemon pies from Chick-fil-A, Jake’s ice -cream at the bookstore, oh I could go on and on. Not to mention book club brunches, Bible study bagels and the like.

So, when I found out that I was pregnant again (once I got over the shock), I was happy to know that my weight problems were over. I knew I would have a miserable pregnancy but that when it was over I would be at my ideal weight. And, like clockwork, it happened. Eight weeks after giving birth, my hubby and I celebrated our anniversary at a black tie event and I was in a slinky, size 4, Calvin Klein number and I looked GOOD!

Well, like Oprah, I am saying…HOW DID I LET THIS HAPPEN? I’ve gained 12 lbs. since March; same pace as last time. I am so very disappointed with myself. Worse, I feel so powerless to stop it and I desperately, desperately want to.

So, I’ll be picking up the January edition of O and looking for solutions. In the meantime, I’m standing in solidarity woth Oprah.


2 thoughts on “Oprah, I’m right there with you, girl!

  1. Arrrrgggghhhhhh!!!!! I SO FEEL YOU!!!! How does it creep up on us like this. I mean really, we’re smart women. We know how this works. But yet and still it happens. It’s so hard not to look at others who eat whatever they want and stay super thin without having evil thoughts. Nothing worse than the chick with the low rider jeans, belly showing, eating an ice cream cone while I’m munching a nutrition bar. Oh well, I’ve just gotta keep doing me and expecting the best. Love the blog!

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